Composite pipeline equipment for Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe (SRPP)

Banline’s SRPP facility can be All steel structure + perfect composition of steel-plastic + one set facility for main specifications + portable factories. In other words, one of the most useful advantages for Banline’s Composite Steel-strip Spiral corrugated pipe equipment is convenient, which means all equipment can be assembled in a flatbed truck. The thinner but stronger stiffness with lower cost by comparing with other competitors.  Banline is the only one that has this typical technology in China.
SRPP equipment manufacturer-Banline is one of the most economical solutions or large size sewage/drainage pipe system. Material cost saving up to 30%-50% compared to double wall corrugated pipe. Reinforced by high strength steel band, high ring stiffness followed by ISO 9960 : SN8-SN16. Besides the enhanced performance, another primary advantage is that the new pipe can save material cost obviously. In general, it will be thinking as a great improvement if any technique innovation could reduce the material consumption in 10%. However, the SRPP pipe has saved the plastic consumption nearly in 50% by comparing with other plastic sewage pipes in same diameter and ring stiffness.
Steel reinforced polyethylene pipe (SRPP) has convenience production procedure, one equipment can produce 600mm+ Pipe caliber. If modified to one equipment with three sets of devices that can produce any specification pipes between 600mm – 3000mm caliber. By comparing with normal steel reinforced pipe, carat pipe and other composite reinforced pipe, SRPP in somehow can save more than 30%-50% costs, which can take great potential advantages for our customers.
China composite pipe production line manufacturer Banline’s complete equipment for steel reinforced pipe line has following advantages:
one operator + one facility + Can produce DN600-DN1200 any diameter
All steel structure, Steel-plastic structure, combined with the hardness of steel and corrosion resistance of plastic
Large diameter range (DN300 – DN3000 mm ),All equipment can be assembled in a flatbed truck.
The most economical solution for large size sewage/drainage pipe system; SRPP equipment price is acceptable and based on customers ‘needs, which means Banline’s SRPP can be more customized.
Material cost-saving up to 30%-50% compared to double wall corrugated pipe
Reinforced by high strength steel band, high ring stiffness followed by ISO 9960 : SN8-SN16.
Banline’s complete production line for Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe (SRPP) comes up with professional technologies. For composite wall section, it uses Banzan resin protective film (Banzan is under the business eco system with Banline) , which can provide reliable protection for steel and core. The pipe interior comes up with polyethylene liner. The overall production standard followed/accredited with A760/A760M-10; A1042/A1042M-04; A 796/A796M-04; A939/A929M-01; A978/A978M-08 and A978/A978M-08.

In order to provide reliability, Banline’s Srpp production uses specific technology that make Plastic-lined and steel pipe are perfectly connected by combining mechanical and chemical system to ensure composite integrity. in the meantime, by using high tightness of the cover layer,better weathering and impact resistance, strong corrosion-resistance polymeric membranes to ensure safety and be ready for long-term operation.

Banline’s SRPP can use different assemble solution, which is more convenient. It will have specific patching solution for repairing the abrading section in order to have convenient construction. By comparing with the traditional plastic drainpipe, the reliable sealing, longer service life, earthquake-proof, fast installation and flexibility make SRPP has unique advantages.