Manufacture : Continuous production lien for fully bonded fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP)

Shanghai Banline bonded fiberglass -TCP machinery is machinery line manufacturer that focusing on providing the bonded fiberglass-reinforced pipe; The fiberbond TCP pipe in oil & gas &water field pipe industry. The overall performance of the bonded fiberglass – TCP pipe can save more than 40% overall raw material costs compared with hdpe pipe; 50% weight savings by comparing with normal PE pipe, HDPE pipe . Banline provides different diameters options for bonded fiberglass-TCP line, which is from DN 50 to DN 630 under three continuous fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic production line.

Banline also provide fiberglass TCP pipe manufacturer entire solution of TCP pipe connection, fiberglass tape lead to reach higher production efficiency. It is the great replacement for hdpe pipe, steel reinforced pipe, GRP pipe, unbonded TCP and corrugated pipes etc.


1.Detailed Description

Banline machinery provides bonded fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe machinery line solutions under following TCP pipe dimensions:

1.The fully bonded fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) extrusion line covers from DN 50 ~ DN630 under three sets of continuous production lines.
2.TCP pipeline fiberglass tape wrapping machine solution for nominal pressure of TCP can be up to 30Mpa or more, which means wrapping more layers of fiberglass tape can reach higher pressure.
3.The fiberglass TCP pipe connection solution can be better applied for this kind of rtp pipe. The metallic joining solution is able to use in oil & gas field, the electrothermal connection solution can be applied into water application.
4.The bonded fiberglass thermoplastic composite pipe manufactured by Banline can decrease 40% pipe weight and save more than 30% material costs, which can be great to apply to marine pipe.
5.The inner and outer layer of fiberglass TCP pipe generally use HDPE(PE100+), for high temperature that up to 90℃, the inner layer and outer layer can be applied PERT-1 or PERT-2. Multilayer co-extrusion still available.


2.优势说明 Bonded fiberglass TCP pipe specifications

1.The highly efficient heating and cooling solution designed for fiberglass tape.
2.The brand-new wrapping solution of the TCP pipe is able to produce fiberglass pipe size up to DN630.
3.TCP pipeline is able to coil for marine pipes, up to DN 125
4.40% TCP pipe weight savings by comparing with HDPE pipe
5.30% raw material cost savings by comparing with HDPE pipe