PVC Serious Production Line

Using double screw extruder
Die head uses stainless steel material, hard chroming surface
Each section of the vacuum can be independent
The haul-off unit uses special design, adding the contact area of caterpillar, reducing the pressure of pipe per unit area.


PVC-4 Outlet Pipe Production Line


It can produce 4 pipes in the same time, it is of high efficiency

Each station of downsteam is independent control, like vacuum calibrating, vacuum abnormal alarm etc. Operation is very convenient.

Unique swarfless, double cutting device, light structure, fast cutting, smooth cutting edge, perfect cutting end.

Improving the production output, reducing the production time.


 UPVC Pipe Production Line

Using advanced extruder system.
Die head uses special design, and it is easy to operate and precision
Planetary cutting/uniform chamfer
We can also produce large diameter production line.

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